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  • Books of Carlos Castaneda:
    • Las ensenanzas de don Juan (1*ed.Ingl-1968;Ital-1970;Mex-1974,Fond.Cult.Econ)
    • Una realidad aparte (1*ed.Ingl-1971;Mex-1974,Fond.Cult.Econ)
    • Viaje a Ixtlan (1*ed.Ingl-1971;Mex-1975,Fond.Cult.Econ)
    • Relatos de Poder (1*ed.Ingl-1974;Mex-1976,Fond.Cult.Econ)
    • El segundo anillo de Poder (1*ed.Ingl-1977;Esp-1979,Ed.POMAIRES)
    • El don del Aguila (1*ed.Ingl-1981;Esp-1982,Ed.DIANA)
    • El fuego interno (1*ed.Ingl-1984;Esp-1984,Ed.DIANA)
    • El conocimiento silencioso (1*ed.Ingles-1987;Arg=1988,Ed.EMECE')
    • El Arte de Ensoñar (1*ed.Ingl-1993;Esp-1993,Ed.DIANA)
    • Tensegridàd-Pases Magicos (1*ed.Ingl-1998;Esp-1998,Ed.ATLANTIDA)
    • La rueda del tiempo (1*ed.Ingl-1998;Esp-1998,Ed.GAYA)
    • El lado activo del infinito (1*ed.Ingl-1999;Esp-1999,E.B)
  • Authors not esoteric and more historical:
    • Toltecayotl, aspectos de la cultura náhuatl por Miguel León-Portilla (Fond.Cult.EconMEX-1987)
    • Kinam, antiguas pràticas toltecas por Frank Díaz (ALBA Edit.Mex-2004)
  • More recent authors, spokesman for other lineages:
    • El Nahual de Cinco Puntas por Domingo Delgado Solòrzano (ALBA Edit.Mex-2004)
    • NEREA-Revelaciònes del liñaje del señor nahual don Jorge Elìas di Enrique Rojas Pàramo (GRIJALBO Edit.Mex-2000)

A list in more detail, below here.

Carlos Castañeda was a Peruvian author who graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a PhD in Anthropology. Starting with The Teachings of Don Juan in 1968 and ending with "The Active Side of Infinity" in 1998, he wrote a series of books that described his arduous training and associated awareness-expanding experiences under the guidance of Juan Matus and Genaro Flores from 1960 to 1973. Although sometimes inaccurately described as traditional Mesoamerican shamanism, these most ancient protocols or disciplines are more accurately referred to nowadays, thanks in large part to Carlos Castañeda, as "Nagual Shamanism".

Initially his books were considered works of anthropology, but five years after the first one was published, critics such as Joyce Carol Oates began to consider them fiction.

Castañeda was very protective of his privacy and until recently little was known about him outside what was learned from his twelve books. He rarely spoke in public except toward the end of his life, and he gave very few interviews.


[modifica] Books

[modifica] Interviews

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[modifica] Biographical works

  • Amy Wallace. The Sorcerer's Apprentice: My Life with Carlos Castañeda (2003)
  • Filming Castañeda: The Hunt for Magic and Reason by Gaby Geuter (2004) ISBN 1-4140-4612-X

[modifica] Critical works

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[modifica] Associated authors

[modifica] Related works

  • F. Bruce Lamb, Wizard of the Upper Amazon. The story of Manuel Córdova-Rios (NY: Atheneum 1971; 2d ed., Boston: Houghton-Mifflin 1974; 3rd, Berkeley: North Atlantic 1974).
  • Victor Sanchez. The Teachings of Don Carlos ISBN 1-879181-23-1
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  • Edward Plotkin The Four Yogas Of Enlightenment: Guide To Don Juan's Nagualism & Esoteric Buddhism (2002) ISBN 0-9720879-0-7
  • Armando Torres Encounters with the Nagual: Conversations with Carlos Castañeda (2002) Spanish (2004) English ISBN 968-5671-04-4
  • Neville Goddard. "Awakened Imagination" heavily influenced by the work of Castañeda.[citazione necessaria]
  • Alice Kehoe, Shamans and Religion: An Anthropological Exploration in Critical Thinking. 2000. London: Waveland Press. ISBN 1-57766-162-1
  • Graham Kane: Toltec Dreamer: A Collection of Memorable Events from the life of a Man-of-Action (2002 UK) Little Big Press. ISBN 0-9543630-0-0
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  • William Patrick Patterson: The Life & Teachings of Carlos Castañeda (2007, Arete Communications, ISBN 978-1-879514-97-3)

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